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TuRNINg a move into a groove 

APRIL 2018

Posted April 17, 2018 at 12:00pm

This project involved the whole family! Two daughters hired me to help them with their parents' belongings in their home. Their parents had recently moved into an assisted living facility, but still had their home with most of their belongings still in it. My job for this project was to help them sort through all of their belongings and decide what was being sent to furnish their new apartment, what was being kept in storage for other family members to have, and what needed to be donated or taken to the dump.


I called in my son Charles (or Charlie, as we call him) to help with the heavy lifting. It was also the perfect opportunity to show off our new Handy Mandy t-shirts! ;)


If you or a loved one need help with moving or transitioning, give me a call  and I will provide you with a free consultation-- pinpointing exactly what needs and wants you want addressed during your project.

P.S. Can you spot our trusty canine companion, Rosie, helping us move items to storage? These clients are all super dog lovers, so we brought Rosie along for a couple days during the project! (Note: No worries, Rosie was never in any danger and was being carefully watched at the time of the picture! My husband is a semi-truck driver, and Rosie sometimes travels with him. She felt right at home in that moving truck! :) )


Decluttering Through Grief


Posted March 6, 2018 at 2:00pm

After one client's wife passed away, he realized he needed some help sorting through the items in his garage and organizing them so that the important things would be more accessible. He preferred that we worked at a slower pace-- he enjoyed having company and he also needed to rest after a couple of hours of work. We carefully sorted through his belongings as I helped him to decide which items he wanted to keep, donate, sell, or throw away.

After helping this client with his garage (for before and after pictures, click left or right), he decided he really needed my help reorganizing his entire house--from his closets to his drawers. I also took him to sell some silver and have his Navajo rugs appraised.

Many clients can find themselves overwhelmed with sorting through personal belongings especially when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Sometimes, the client just needs a little help getting started and can take over the task after some assistance at the beginning. This particular client was unique; he wasn't in a rush and wanted my full attention as we tackled the task at a slow and steady pace. Each session was 2-4 hours long, and in the end, it took 15 sessions throughout February 2018 to completely reorganize this client's entire home and garage.

Whatever your preferences and needs are for the task(s) you have in mind, I welcome the opportunity to help you feel in control of your clutter.